Terre Sabine. A long history of goodness.

It is 1936 when, in Sabina, the farm Terre Sabine was born. At that time we came from Sabina to Rome with carts pulled by tireless (or almost) horses, to bring in the Capital the freshest sweet and delicious fresh fruit.

Time has passed, but nowadays we devote ourselves to the distribution of fresh fruit, the one cultivated in our orchards and that of the producers of the surrounding area. Our is a long history of dedication for good and healthy things. Just like fresh fruit, traditionally made jams and DOP olive oil. Today, we combine nature, tradition and innovation to bring goodness to your home and spread the culture of healthy eating and good mangiar.

The territory in which the fields of the Sabina extend are fertile and nearly inviolable; production techniques are always those of us: our fruit matures in the sun; we work with it by using state-of-the-art machinery. At the end of a careful selection process, and within the first 24 hours of collection, we distribute the best of fresh fruit in the major Italian supermarkets. You can find our logo on Coop, Sma, Conad and Pim counters so much to name a few.

Look for fresh fruit and jams of Terre Sabine. You will assuage the goodness we have been told for almost a century.

What do we do in Terre Sabine?

For several decades, Sabine has grown orchards in the center of Italy and deals with the distribution of fresh fruit produced. Under the brand Terre Sabine, you can also find products from other farms, always located in the Sabino area.

In addition to the trade of our fresh fruit and jams, in fact, we have also set up as a collection, processing, storage, storage and distribution center for those who, like us, work on goodness and genuineness.

All the activities we carry out within our company

Transformation, distribution, storage and storage of fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, extra virgin olive oil and various varieties of grapes.

Wholesale and retail trade.

Import / export in Italy and abroad.

Packing of typical products for Christmas holidays.

The genuineness of Terre Sabine also passes by people

Terre Sabine has always been a family-run business. The fresh fruit we make to reach the major GDO chains has a small but precious 24-hour history behind it. And behind these there are people, all of great value. They are young enthusiasts who work with diligence and commitment, having the long tradition of the company.

Employees of Terre Sabine, up to 25 according to the season, collect and select the best fresh fruit for you. And to supervise and coordinate everything, to guarantee you only the highest quality products, there are Renato and Roberto Merzetti, agricultural entrepreneurs, great acquaintances of the land, the Sabino territory and the small chain, carrying this ten-year family business.

Immagine Terre Sabine in this way.

These are our numbers.

We invite you to discover the Sabina and our orchards that extend to the heart of the region. But if you do not have time for a trip outside the door, we are confident that the authentic flavor of our fresh fruit will lead you with the mind so far.

The goodness of our fresh fruit, jams and all the products we distribute is, however, not quantifiable: it is infinite.

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