When people eat Terre Sabine's fresh apricots for the first time they say they've never tasted apricots before.

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Cherries are red: red like the passion we put in growing our fruit. Terre Sabine's cherries are a treat you can't miss.

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Our figs are special: you can spot them in the supermarket from miles away, because they’re so nice and fleshy.

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We’re proud of our kiwi, because we can turn them into delicious desserts, ready to be eaten with a spoon.

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Those who tried the taste of pears just picked from their tree, will find the same genuineness in Terre Sabine's pears.

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Terre Sabine offers its customers a wide range of fresh fruits, but we must admit peaches stand out for their quality.

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When we try to describe Terre Sabine’s fresh plums we only need these two adjectives: “genuine” and “tasty”.

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Melotto Persimmon

IOur melotto indulges body and mind, it is a heap of energy and sweetness contained in a soft hull.

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Apricot jam

We are proud to introduce to our customers nature’s best friend: our extra apricot’s jam, of course, hand-made by our artisans using only fresh fruit and sugar.

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Cherry jam

Taste Terre Sabine’s cherry jam and let nature feed your senses. Our jam will remind you of hand-made ones; we make our jams according to a very old traditional recipe.

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Fig jam

Our extra fig jam is so yummy that you’ll love it. Put it in your mouth: it will tempt your palate and wake your senses. Terre Sabine’s figs jam will give you sweet sensations and emotions.

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Peach jam

We don’t just grow fresh fruit: at Terre Sabine we also dedicates to making fruit jams. We often call them nature jams: when you eat them you can fell the taste of nature.

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Plum jam

Do you need a treat to brighten your day? Choose Terre Sabine’s extra plum jam and enjoy the sweet side of nature. Taste and genuineness are guaranteed, taste it now!

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sabina Dop

It happened a long time ago, but we can still recall the image of our grannies, lovingly pouring olive oil on a sliceof bread. We will never forget the beauty of their gesture and the taste of that oil. Today, Terre Sabine extra virgin olive oil is still the best way to enhance dishes, even a roasted slice of bread becomes gold.

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