Terre Sabine’s Cherry Jam: a tasty velvet sauce

Taste Terre Sabine’s cherry jam and let nature feed your senses. Our jam will remind you of hand-made ones: of course it will, we make our jams according to a very old traditional recipe!And that’s not it: we only use fresh fruits, cherries we’ve just picked from the trees of the green and fertile Sabina region.

The secret for our yummy jam is respecting the simple laws of nature: we pick genuine fruits, grown under the Italian sun, in an unspoilt land. An accurate hand-made selection and processing of our fruits complete the job: a little, big miracle of tastiness you’ll experience every time you open Terre Sabine’s extra jam jars.

Go to the best Italian supermarket or check out our online store and choose your favorite cherry jam: one tastier and healthier than the other! Spread it on a slice of bread and give it to your kids, you will have them craving for some more. In this way they will learn how important healthy eating can be, how a balanced diet can be tasty and nutritious at the same time.

Let Terre Sabine be your fresh fruit and natural jams dealer. Prepare to have your mouth watering!

The cherries we use to make your jam

Cherries grown in the area of Sabina are famous for their qualities. Thanks to the ideal climate of this region, fruit can ripen naturally and show all its tastiness. Terre Sabine’a cherries are even more than that: they’re like pearls containing red, juicy, sweet fruits. You can taste their freshness even when boiled and put in a jar.

The cherries we use for jams grow in our orchards or in those of other farmers working in the area. You read right: Terre Sabine is also a fruit storage centre, where all the best farmers of Sabina go to bring their fruits.

The varieties of cherries we use to make our jams are Ravenna Tardiva and Ravenna Precoce.

We carefully grow our cherries using all our wise and passion: we only put the best cherries in the jam jars you’ll find in the supermarket or in our online store.

How we make our extra cherries jam

Open a jar of Terre Sabine’s cherry jam and look at colour of the jam: it’ll be enough to understand we use only traditional processing methods. Now taste it and you’ll be sure our cherry jam is 100%natural.

Our fruit only go through a few steps to become jam, but we carry these steps out very carefully: after picking cherries and bringing them to our collecting centre, we put them through ozonation and hdrocooling: when fruit is cleaned and cooled we can be sure we’ve stopped its fermentation. After washing and selecting the best cherries, we boil the fruit for three hours and we then put the jam in jars and make sure they get pasteurized. We constantly check the Brix degree of our jams, in order to ensure the final product will come to your house tasting just delicious.

Don’t forget: we only put fruit and sugar (20%) in our jars. You won’t find any pectine, antioxidants, organic acids or food-colouring.At Terre Sabine’s jams taste like nature.

Why choose Terre Sabine’s cherry jam

What do you children have as a snack? If you give them bread and jam you’ll know exactly what they’re eating. Terre Sabine’s jams are not only natural and hand-made, they’re also tasty and nutritious. What’s more, cherries are known for their healthy properties and those grown in the Sabina region are among the best of their kind.

Try our extra fruit jam and you’ll get tastiness and health in a single product. What are you waiting for? Look for our jams in the best Italian supermarkets or in our online store and welcome healthy eating in your house.

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