Terre Sabine’s Peach Jam: the taste of nature you can’t resist

We don’t just grow fresh fruit: at Terre Sabine we also dedicates to making fruit jams. We often call them nature jams: when you eat them you can fell the taste of nature.

Look for Terre Sabine’s extra peach jam in the best Italian supermarkets or in our online store and take home the fruits of Sabina, grown and picked with the loving cares of our staff and processed according to traditional recipes.

Every jar is filled with the love for tastiness and with the magic touch of Mother Nature, ingredients you will find in the jams we distribute to the best Italian supermarkets and online. Let wellness and taste become your best friends and discover the magic of the short supply chain: the high quality of raw materials and the traditional recipes are the things we value the most.

Choose Terre Sabine’s peach jam and discover the new taste of nature.

The peaches we use to make your jam

We’re sure Terre Sabine’s extra peach jam will become your favorite snack. How can we be so certain? Because our jams only contain local fresh fruit, grown in our orchards and in those of the farmers who share our love for genuine, tasty food.

The fresh peaches we use to make our jams are picked only after they’ve reached the perfect ripeness: once they get to our farm we carefully select the harvest and make sure only the best fruits are used toprepare our jam.

The varieties of peaches we grow to prepare yummy jams are the following: Royal Gemme, Rome Star, O’Henry, Big Top and Venus.

All of them are quality variants, produced, picked, selected and processed following our vision and mission:persuade our customers to eat fresh fruit and fall in love with our delicious, healthy jams.

How we make our extra peach jam

Terre Sabine’s fresh peaches are transformed into jams carefully following the recipes of tradition. Each process is strictly hand-crafted: after accurately washing peaches we select the best fruits: only those passing our tests will be put into our big pots, where they will boiled for three hours. During this step we constantly check the brix degree. At last, jam is put into jars and pasteurized.

We only add 20% sugar to our fruit. As you can notice reading the label, we don’t add any pectine, antioxidants, organic acids and food-colouring. When you choose Terre Sabine’s extra peach jam you can be certain you’re taking home only genuine, fresh fruits, just like your granny used to do.

Why choose Terre Sabine’s Peach Jam

Go to your supermarket, look for Terre Sabine’s jam and put it in your trolley. Trust us, when we say you can choose our brand blindfolded. As soon as you open our jam’s jar you’ll know we were right and you will be intoxicated with the smell of fresh peaches.

Your eyes will be glowing with the bright colour of our peaches, reminding you of sunrises and sunsets you can only see in the countryside. Once you’ve put the jam into your mouth, we’re sure it’ll pass the test of the palate. You’ll understand why we’re so proud of Terre Sabine’s peach jams and you’ll run to the supermarket to buy a year’s supply of jams! You will taste it over and over again and choose our brand over the others, not only for its taste, but for its genuineness: our healthy jams are perfect for your children’s snacks.

Choose Terre Sabine and educate your family to healthy eating.

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