Terre Sabine’s figs:
nice outside, sweet inside

Figs produced by Terre Sabine are special: you can spot them in the supermarket from miles away, because they’re so nice and fleshy. And if you taste them, you’ll find they’re also the sweetest fruityou’ve ever put into your mouth.

Having been growing fresh fruit since 1936, we consider ourselves expert in this field: as soon as we see a fig we can say if it’s perfect, if it has a big and tasty pulp.

Freshness is what we value the most at Terre Sabine and figs are not an exception. Despite working as a short supply chain, our brand can be found in most of the major Italian supermarkets. Our figs (and peaches, apricots, pears, kiwi, plums and cherries) reach the shops within 24 hours from harvest.

Terre Sabine’s fresh figs will win you with their sweetness. They’re so delicious you can give them to your children as a snack, and introduce them to the world of healthy eating. When you want a little change, open with your kids a jar of our fig jam: it only contains fresh fruit and 20% sugar.

Our variant of figs

We only grow a single variant of figs at Terre Sabine: the variant called Fico Settembrino(September Fig). Located in an ideal climate, our orchards are constantly monitored, in order to check the ripeness of the fruits they host. Only once figs have all the characteristics we look for in the perfect fresh fruit, we pick them and bring them into our farm.

What we do with them at Terre Sabine

We can now start our hand-made selection: we check any single fig, carefully selecting only the best fruits: we want you to find only high-quality fruits when you choose Terre Sabine. It’s not just a question of figs having a nice shape, we want them to contain a juicy pulp. Our main aim is to provide our customers with the benefits of this fruit. We specialized in distributing simply the best season, fresh fruits.

If you want to know where to find our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of fresh figs

Fresh fruit is tasty and healthy. And we want you to shop for healthy food in the quickest and easiest way: we both sell fruit to the main Italian supermarkets and online. Among our selection of fresh fruit you will find figs: this fruit contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins and can have a mild laxative effect. Eat figs regularly to naturally fight constipation.

Do you know this fruit’s pulp contains enzimes which help you digest food? Figs can also help you protect your eyes, bones and teeth. Remember that next time you go food shopping and make sure you always buy season fruit.

Choose Terre Sabine and discover the pleasures of healthy eating.

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