Terre Sabine’s fresh fruit: delicious food at your hand.

Fruit is tasty but fresh fruit is much more than that: at Terre Sabine we know fresh fruit tastes so much better: that’s why we set our farm in the fertile and unspoilt area of Sabina. Our orchards bear different fruits every season and we are proud to share them with you, delivering our products in the local supermarkets within 24 hours from picking.

You will be able to bring home the taste of fresh fruit, savour it and appreciate its many qualities: genuinity and ripeness on top. And if you close your eyes it will be like you were in our orchards, savouring the fruit you picked yourself.

Choose Terre Sabine’s fresh fruit and discover the taste of nature.

Fresh fruit: from our land to your shopping cart in just 24 hours

Fruit is one of nature’s biggest gifts and we want to fill your shopping cart with the most precious one: fresh fruit. Because when fruit is fresh it’s so much better and healtier. Our fruit is grown and taken care of by the skillful hands of our farmers: once picked,it reaches the shelves of the main italian supermarkets in just 24 hours, thus preserving its genuine taste and smell.

Juicy peaches and cherries, as prettyas a picture, and then plums, kiwi, sweet apricots and figs and yummy jams, just like our grannies used to make. Choose Terre Sabine and bring home your favouriteseason fruit, from our fields to your table in just 24 hours.

Every time you crave a nice fruit, fill a basket with Terre Sabine’s products and share the taste of fresh food with your family and friends. If you prefer, take one of our jamsand spread it on a slice of bread for the perfect snack.

Terre Sabine’s fruit is a mix of pleasures. Contact us or take a look at our online store.

How we process fresh fruit and jams at Terre Sabine.

We carefully grow, pick and process our best fruits to make sure we only offer you quality fruit and jams.

Our orchards lie in Sabina, an area where nature is unspoilt and land gives farmers their juicy fruits. Plants grow in full sun and the fruits they bear are cared for and pickedby the expert hands of our staff: our customers can be sure fruit is picked and delivered at the top of its beauty and sweetness.

Identifying the correct ripeness level is a key step: we want to make sure each fruit contains the perfect sugar level. When you eat our fruit, you don’t just taste something nice: you give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Before distributing our fruit and jams, we process the picking, following each step with accuracy and passion. Once picked, fruit is taken to our farm and subject to a treatment called “ozonation”, to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms. We then put cherries through a process called “hydrocooling”, which lower fruit temperature and prevent any fermentation.

Peaches, pears, plums and kiwi are scanned by a different machine, which estimate their integrity, while apricots and figs are hand selected.

Terre Sabine’s main aim is to provide you with the highest quality fruits. You just have to pick them.

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