Terre Sabine's peaches: get cuddled by nature.

Terre Sabine offers its customers a wide range of fresh fruits, but we must admit peaches stand out for their quality. We've been growing our peaches with care and passion for almost a century andwe have developed a first-grade expertise in fruit farming. Taste our peaches and prepare to get cuddled by nature.

Terre Sabine's peach orchards stretch for 200 hectars and bear their generous fruits from July to October. When picking time approaches, Terre Sabine’s farmers share a mystical moment: they can almost hear fruits beggingthem to be picked, because they've reached the peak of their splendour. It's a small miracle: a miracle we witness every year and want to share with you.

That's why we deliver our peaches to shops and supermarkets in just 24 hours.

Taste Terre Sabine’s peachesand you’ll be sure you only eat tasty and healthy food. When you put our brand on your table, you are sure you are serving your family and friends a basket of love.

Our peach varieties

Yellow peaches

Nectarine peaches

"Percoca” peaches (white)

Saturn peaches

Ice peaches

Royal Glory, Summer Glory, Rome Star, Big Top, Big Sun and then Francesca, California, Lucia, Zara are just some of the names of Terre Sabine's peach varieties. Taste them all: and, if you can, choose your favourite. Look for our peaches in the italian supermarkets or buy them online.

How we process peaches at Terre Sabine

At Terre Sabine we pick our peaches from July to October. Once identified the optimal point of ripening, we put the best peaches in our baskets and deliver them to the supermarkets in just 24 hours.

This is what happens to our peaches before they reach your table: we first put them through a process called “ozonation”, to get rid of microbs. We carefully examine each fruit with the help of an infrared machine, to be sure peaches are perfect inside as well as outside. After that, the fruit is divided into different groups, according to their size and colour.

When we are sure we have selected the best of the best, our peaches start their journey to your house.

Benefits of peaches

Why should you choose Terre Sabine's peaches? Because you want to be sure you've taken home season fruit, which keeps all of its nutritional values. Not only do peaches contain mineral salts, like calcium and potassium, but they’re also rich in vitamins, like A, B, C, E and K, which will give you a boost of energy.

They're perfect if you want to detox and keep tonic and healthy! When buying fruit, make sure it’s fresh and genuine: healthy food will be as tasty as it gets.

Terre Sabine's peaches are juicy and sweety, an explosion of taste and health in every bite.

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