Terre Sabine’s plum jam: naturally sweet

Do you need a treat to brighten your day? Choose Terre Sabine’s extra plum jam and enjoy the sweet side of nature. Taste and genuineness are guaranteed: our jams are only made with fruits growing in our orchards, prepared by carefully following our traditional recipes.

Every jar contains only fruits coming from the Sabina region, grown with the loving cares of Terre Sabine’s staff and many other farmers: during its long tradition Terre Sabine has become a landmark for surrounding farms, who decided to share their harvest with us. But before starting a new partnership we always make sure we share the same values and aims: providing our customers the best fresh fruits and high-quality jams is our main purpose.

Try Terre Sabine’s plum jam and you’ll see what we mean by “high-quality” : the smell and taste of our jams will remind you of hand-crafted ones. Get to know our brand in the Italian supermarkets or in our online store.

Which plums do we use to make your jam?

We use the best plums coming from the green and fertile Sabina, an area which provide us with abundant and high-quality harvests every year.

When the time comes, we lovingly hand-pick the best fruits and process them following a strictly hand-crafted procedure: we want you to find in our jars only the best plums.

How we process our extra plum jams

How does fruit become jam? After being washed and boiled, a process taking approximately three hours, fruit is simply transformed into a soft puree, put into jars and pasteurized. In a jar of Terre Sabine’s jam there’s only fruit and sugar: we don’t add any pectine, organic acids or food-colouring.

Fill your shelf with Terre Sabine’s jams and be proud of your choice: you’re taking home the best nature can give you.Want to switch to a healthier lifestyle? We’ll do our part by offering you our genuine, tasty fruits ad jams.

Why choose Terre Sabine’s plum jam

Where do you stand about healthy eating? We know how difficult it is to keep a balanced diet when you have a busy life, but don’t worry: with Terre Sabine preparing healthy dishes will be as easy as microwaving your ready-made lasagne. We’ll be glad to introduce you to the tasty land of nature: visit our online store and start your journey to a healthy life.

You will find our jams and fresh fruit are healthy and tasty as they can get: your kids will love them too.

Terre Sabine is the sweet side of nature. Check out our products in the best Italian supermarkets or visit our online shop.

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