Terre Sabine's Melotto Persimmon:
Let yourself be surprised by their sweetness.

Our melotto indulges body and mind, it is a heap of energy and sweetness contained in a soft hull. The fruit is made of water and sugar, with very few quantities of fat and proteins.

A perfect food for breakfast or snack, perfect to face the coldest season.

Varietes of Melotto

Melotto kaki

What is Melotto®?

Terre Sabine is part of Melotto®, a net of 50 national persimmon producers, over 150 hectares of cultivated crops in 8 different regions, at least for the moment. Our common objective is promoting the production and the sale of the melotto persimmon, guaranteeing to our consumers always the best products.

Melotto® is synonymous of high quality, and it is countersigned by a stamp and a packaging shared by every member of the net. Look for our melotto in the best Italian supermarkets and taste this delicious and unique product.

Benefits of Melotto

The melotto is a very precious fruit for our health and our well-being. A food that contains avobe all vitamins. Thanks to vitamin C, our organism strengthens its immune defense system and gets ready to face several seasonal illnesses, from the cold to fever.

Persimmons are rich in water that is why they do play an important role to stimulate diuresis. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, these fruits improve the hydration and the brightness of our body.

Discover our fresh and genuine fruit. Taste Terre Sabine's wonders.

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