DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a bottle of liquid gold made in Sabina.

It happened a long time ago, but we can still recall the image of our grannies, lovingly pouring olive oil on a sliceof bread. We will never forget the beauty of their gesture and the taste of that oil. Today, Terre Sabine extra virgin olive oilis still the best way to enhance the dishes of the Italian tradition: even a roasted slice of bread becomes gold, when it meets the oil of Sabina.

We want to share the lines of this poetry with you: when you browse our online store don’t stop to Terre Sabine’s fruits and jams. We’re proud to offer our customers a wide selection of the best olive oils made in Sabina: start with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil (also available in its “DOP” version: “Denominazione di OrigineProtetta”, the italian for “Denomination of Protected Origin”) andthen taste the different flavouredoils: red pepper, lemon and herbs, orange and many more.

Olive Oil is one of the most appreciated treasures of the Sabina region: we’ve been producing our golden liquid for generations, picking olives from luxuriant olive trees and processing them in the long-standing olive mills.

If you’re planning a trip to Sabina with your loved ones, please come and visit us, and we’ll be glad to show you the famous “Olive Oil Path”, a unique itinerary to discover the production area of Sabina’s DOP olive oil.

Sabina Dop Extra Virgin Olive Oil: our olive varieties

The huge olive trees of Terre Sabine lie in the hills of Sabina, 230 metres on sea level. The air is clear: this area is ideal for our olive trees to grow and bear their healthy and plentiful fruits.

These are the olive varieties we grow at Terre Sabine: Carboncella, a variety typical of the region of Lazio. Carboncellaolives are green, small, tasty fruits; Frantoio, this variety produces a multi-scented olive oil; Raja, these olives are also known as “sweet olive”: sweet like the oil they give life to; Leccino, this kind of olives yield a fresh-flavoured oil; Pendolino, these olives produce one of the mostdelicate Italian olive oil̀.

Pour Sabina olive oil on your pasta, meat, fish and vegetables or on a simple slice of bread.Let this golden liquid flow on your dishes and bring with it the quality, genuinity and love of the most skilled olive farmers from Sabina.

How we produce our Sabina Dop Olive Oil

Have you ever been in an olive mill? The smell of olive oil is intoxicating! Although processing techniques changed over the decades, the core of tradition in Sabina is the same as it was 70 years ago. The harvesting season starts in October. No machinery is involved in this step: olives are hand-picked. This job is no easy task, but this is a ritual for farmers in Italy, a ritual they wouldn’t give up for all the money in the world.

Once farmers have picked them from their trees, olives are put in wooden boxes to be transferred to the olive mill, where they are cold pressed in a modern continuous machine. When cold pressed,olives retain all of their properties and give us the high-quality extra virgin olive oil famous all over the world.

Now it’s time for Terre Sabine to put the oil in their bottles and deliver them to our customer all over the world. Come and buy Terre Sabine healthy olive oil and bring to your table the virtues of this fragrant, healthy golden liquid.

Why choose Sabina DOP olive oil

If you want to taste the fragrance and benefits of the Mediterranean diet, choose DOP extra virgin olive oil made in Sabina.

Pour it on your meat and vegetables: it will enhance any food’s taste while still keeping it healthy and natural.

Besides being tasty, extra virgin olive oil will keep you fit and healthy. Did you know the right amount of extra virgin olive oil can help youkeepbadcolesterole down?

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