Terre Sabine’s kiwi: the natural dessert you can eat with a spoon

We’re proud of our kiwi, because we can turn them into delicious desserts, ready to be eaten with a spoon. What’sour secret? Experience. Terre Sabine was born almost a hundred years ago and knows how to grow and process fruit.

This is the secret of our kiwi: before distributing them, we wait for them to reach the ideal Brix degree, i.e. the perfect ripeness. You’ll enjoy the perfect sugar level and you’ll be able to serve them as a dessert at the end of a meal. Give your kids Terre Sabine’s kiwi for breakfast or as a snack: they will love their taste ad will surely ask for more.

Choose Terre Sabine as your ally in the promotion of healthy eating and give your loved ones high-quality fresh fruit.

Kiwi’s variants

At Terre Sabine we chose to grow a variety of kiwi called Hayward: it was born in New Zealand but found the ideal climate in Sabina, the region where we grow our orchards. The clean air and the warm climate are fruit’s best friends.

How we process figs at Terre Sabine

The kiwi we deliver to the best italian supermarkets or online already have a juicy and soft pulp: you won’t have to wait for them to ripen. Put them in your trolley and be ready to taste them on the sameday.

Kiwi usually last for many days, especially if stored in the fridge. People often have to wait several days before they ripen and get soft enough to be eaten. At Terre Sabine we let kiwi ripen on their plant, but we don’t let get too soft either: when they reach your table your kiwi will be perfect and you will be able to taste them right away.

We harvest our kiwi between December and April, bring them into our farm and wash them through a process called “ozonation”: each fruit is then checked by specific infrared machines, to ensure they’re intact.

Look for our kiwi during winter and spring: go to the best italian supermarkets or buy them on our online store.

Benefits of kiwi

It’s easier to count all the seeds in a kiwi, than list all the benefits of this fruit. You’ll be surprised to know how healthy a single fruit can be. First: a kiwi contains all the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

We’re lucky kiwi is a winter fruit: eating a large number of kiwi boosts our immune system and keep colds and flu away.

Vitamin C contained in kiwi also helps us fight free radicals, protect eyes, teeth and gums and eliminate excess cholesterol. Kiwi is a real heal-all: be sure you always have your load of kiwi.

What’s more, they’re also sweet and tasty: choose Terre Sabine’s kiwi and the smell of nature will fill your house.

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