Terre Sabine’s Fig Jam: let nature tempt your palate

Our extra fig jam is so yummy... We’re sure you’ll love it too. Put it in your mouth: it will tempt your palate and wake your senses. Terre Sabine’s figs jam will give you sweet sensations and real emotions. The emotions you experience when you realize a simple jam can not only be delicious, but genuine and healthy.

We learnt how to grow fresh fruit from our ancestors, who used it to make delicious jams. In the seventy years we’ve been running our farm, tradition has always been an idol to respect and honour. We didn’t change a thing, except the love for what we do: it’s been growing day after day, season after season.

Taste our fig jam and you’ll enter a different world, new and old at the same time, full of flavours belonging to a long time ago. You don’t have to go far: we’ll be the one coming to you: discover our productsin the best Italians supermarkets and in out online store.

The fig we use to make your jam

We’d like to tell you a story: the story of our figs, as sweet and beautiful as only the best fresh fruit can be. When September comes we pick figs from their trees: they’re the last fruit to be picked, before autumn comes. Their smell, though, is still that of summer: our September fresh figs, which we use to make our jams, are as sweet as the gentle breeze on a hot day.

Their soft and nubby pulp will give your tongue a light tickle; you’ll fall in love with its golden green colour and sweet taste, typical of perfectly ripe fruit.

How we make our extra fig jam

When preparing our jams, we strictly follow our ancestors’ tradition, step after step and we only proceed to the next phase, when were sure we made everything perfect. That’s how Terre Sabine’s jam jars can offer our customers the best pulp of the best figs.

A careful hand-made selection of fruit is essential. And during boiling, we keep an eye to the brix degrees, in order to boost our jam’s taste. We then put the pulp in jars and pasteurized it. At the end, we our jams start the journey to your house.

Call us to know where to find us: this yummy jam is a treat you can’t miss. It’s only made with fruit and 20% sugar: our jams are off limits to pectine, antioxidants, organic acids and food colouring.

Why choose our extra fig jam

Want to start eating healthy and bring genuine dishes on your table? Do it with Terre Sabine and its natural products. At breakfast and snack time, spread some fig jam on a slice of bread or have fun making up new recipes, for example put some fig jam and cheese on a plate and you’ll have a perfect starter.

Do you know italians put figs inside pizza? It’s a dish typical of the region of Lazio: put Terre Sabine’s fig jam inside a slice of white pizza and give it to your guests: it’ll be a success.

With Terre Sabine, healthy food is tasty food.

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