Terre Sabine’s pears: irresistible freshness

Those who tried the taste of real fresh pears, just picked from their tree, will find the same freshness and genuineness in the pears of Terre Sabine. Bite after bite, they will explore the taste and flavor of nature.

In 2006 Terre Sabine brought pears of Sabina back to the top: these pears had lost their place of honourbetween the 50s and he 70s, but we made a point of taking them back into our orchards, thanks to the best and innovative technologies. Today our pear fields stretch on our hills for hectares and hectares.

Terre Sabine’s pears, just like all our other fruits, are distributed in the main Italian supermarkets and online.

“Coscia pears”, the pride of Sabina region

The variety of pear we brought back to Sabina is called “coscia” (the Italian for “tight”, the upper leg), known for its juicy, sweet and delicate pulp. We start picking them when they reach the perfect Brix degree, i.e. from mid-July to mid-August. And in just 24 hours our fresh pears reach your supermarket.

We’re so proud of our “coscia” pears production: we bring to our farm 300.000 kilos pears in just a year!

How we process fresh pears

We harvest our pears between July and August, when they reach the ideal ripeness: go to the supermarket and let pears turn into your refreshing summer snack. When they reach our farm, we carefully select the best pears, to decide which fruits deserve to get to your house.

Thanks to this careful process, we’re sure we’re delivering our customers only high-quality pears: Terre Sabine is not a mere fruit production centre, is the messenger of healthy eating.

Come and discover our brand in the best Italian supermarkets: you’ll taste the delicious, fresh pears which will make you fall in love with healthy eating.

All the benefits of pears

When you buy Terre Sabine you can be sure you’re only eating fresh, season pears. Is it important? Yes it is, because your fruit will not only be delicious, but will also contain vitamins and minerals good for your body. For example, did you know pears are rich in fibers?

Pears also contain antioxidant properties, useful to fight free radicals.

And if you are in need of energy to survive summer days, eat fresh pears: their glucose is essential for your body during hot weather.

With Terre Sabine’s pears, you’ll bring home all the best of nature.

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