We grow healthy eating.

It’s the genuine taste of our fruit which inspired our mission: work hard to spread the culture of “healty eating”. We’ve been working to reach this aim for more than 70 years, distributing our fresh fruit, jam and genuine olive oil to the biggest food chains in Italy, to send our message to you.

Terre Sabine only offers quality food, which is processed through a short distribution chain: each production step is carefully executed by attentive eyes and skilled hands. That’s why we are sure that if you choose our peaches, kiwi, cherry or pears your shopping cart will be overflowing with delicious, ripe, juicy fruits.

What about a tasty, genuine break? Put Terre Sabine’s fruit and jams on your table and use your imagination: try a different recipe every day and taste the joy of eating healthy!

Let’s start with yummy fruit.

If you want to start eating healthy, start from fruit. Terre Sabine will show how to pick only fresh fruit, which is better and healtier. When you go to the supermarket, fill your shopping cart with seasonal fruit: peaches, cherries, apricots, figs and plums are good for the summer, if you need a refreshing break and load of energy; during the winter choose kiwi: those at the right point of ripeness and sugars are perfect as a snack and you can eat them on the go with a small spoon!

Fresh fruit will become your favourite snack, a tasty and genuine dessert offered by Terre Sabine.

Your kids will love eating healty.

Fresh fruit is sweet and will make your kids fall in love with healthy food. Replace sandwiches and sweets with a fresh fruit or have fun with your children making nice fruit salads; they will love it and you will teach them something important: eating healthy is a gift for their future.

Spread Terre Sabine’s jam on top of a slice of bread and offer it to your kids: it will be a success. Our jams are made by just two simple ingredients: fresh fruit and 20% sugar (the minimum level imposed by Italian law).

Fruit and its benefits.

One of the most important rule for a healthy diet is eating at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Pick fruit and vegetables of different colours and eat them for breakfast, between meals and at the end of a meal: choose only fresh fruit.

Terre Sabine works every day, all year round, to offer you fresh and seasonal fruit, because every fruit has its season: if you eat cherries in December, for example, you may not get all the nutrients of this delicious fruit.

By the way, did you know cherries growing in the Sabina region – just the ones we produce at Terre Sabine – can help prevent gout, water retention and rheumatisms? Our fruit is rich in vitamins, because we pick and distribute it at the right point of ripeness, and boasts so many healthy properties.

Terre Sabine is not a company, is a friend you can always rely on. We’re at your side to help you choose healthy food. Buy our fruit, jams and olive oil and nature will be at your hand.

You don’t have to live in the country to eat healthy. There are farms which take nature closer to you. Terre Sabine is one of these farms: we decided to distribute fresh fruit and jams to the most important food chains in Italy. You can find Terre Sabine at Coop and Conad, Sma and Pim.

You don’t need to go far to eat well: we shorten the distance between you and nature, to offer you quality food every day. Terre Sabine: quality food right from our trees.

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