Terre Sabine's Apricots: you've never tasted anything so delicious

When people eat Terre Sabine's fresh apricots for the first time they say they've never tasted apricots before. How can they be so good? Because we grow them using our skills and passion, in a territory, (part of the Sabina region) in which orchards find the perfect climate and environment to grow fertile trees and high-quality fresh fruit.

Despite having been fruit farmers for more than seventy years, we always fail at disguising our surprise when nature gives us its fruits: we'd like to share with our customers the feeling of surprise we get when we pick our fruit. Our apricots reach the best italian supermarkets because we want you to enjoy the fruits coming from our short supply chain right at your house.

Let us fresh apricots tempt your palate: they'll caress your mouth with their velvety skin and will calm your hunger for nature and genuineness.

During the summer, taste our apricots between meals and give it to your kids. With Terre Sabine everyone can eat genuine fruit and follow a healthy diet.

Our apricots' varieties

Orange Ruby: You can recognize them by their peculiar colour, an intense reddish-orange.

Carmen: we call this variety “early”. Carmen apricots can't wait to grow and give you all their sweet flavour.

Pelis: beautiful and tasty, Pelis apricots are so juicy and sweet you can't resist.

How we process apricots at Terre Sabine

Terre Sabine's fresh fruit, before being distributed, are subjet to a series of processes during which we select the best fruits we want to end on your table. You will surely notice the high quality of our apricots: a quality which is the result of our careful growing and picking processes.

We only bring our apricots to the farm when they've reached the ideal ripeness. Everything we do to our fruit is hand-made: we're so skilled and have such a long experience we can spot the best fruit with a glance. When you go to the supermarket and look for our brand you can trust us and pick your apricots' box blindfolded.

Benefits of apricots

Brought to Italy by the Romans in the 1st century B.C., apricots have been considered one of the best fruits to have entered italian culinary culture. Everyone loves them, but apart from being tasty, apricots should also be chosen because of their healthy benefits.

Eating fresh apricots is important for our health: they provide a great amount of Vitamin A and C, mineral salts (like potassium) and fibers. They're the ideal fruit for a boost of energy. Doctors often advise eating apricots to people suffering from anemia and chronic fatigue.

Don't forget vitamin A is essential for bones development: if you love suntan, give up fake tan and eat apricots. This fruit stimulates melanine production, the particles which make our skin get darker under the sunlight.

Learn the taste of healthy eating. When you buy fresh fruit, choose Terre Sabine.

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