Sabina: this is where we come from.

Terre Sabine was born in Sabina, a region stretching from the provinces of Rome and Rieti and famous for being a fruit production centre. It’s in this very territory that Terre Sabine grows its orchards, blossoming on wonderful hills.

The peculiarities of Sabina make it possible for us to produce high quality fresh fruit: Sabina is 230 metres above sea level and its location and climate are ideal for growing our fruit and olives. The area is an unspoiled gem, where you can see fields and orchards stretching one after the other: in each season the land is covered in the different colours of fruits, like a beautiful picture on which you can set your eyes and soul.

This is the landscape we enjoy at Terre Sabine, a bliss we’d like to sharewith you: just taste our fresh fruit and jamsand it’ll be like you were here with us.

Terre Sabine and its orchards.

More than seventy years ago, a man opened a small farm in the heart of Sabina. In the following decades, his knowledge and experience in farming was handed down to the next generations and his farm, Terre Sabine, can now boast more than 400 hectares of fields growing fruit trees.

About 200 hectares are dedicated to the beautiful peach trees: a wonderful sight when they’re in full blossoms and a joy for palate when you taste their juicy peaches, white, yellow and nectarines. Sabina’s cherry trees, famous for their tasty and healthy cherries, cover another 50 hectares.

The remaining 150 hectares are reserved for yummy plums (yellow and black), delicious apricots and figs, not to mention the tasty kiwi: cut them in half and enjoy them with a spoon, for a quick and healthy snack: what a treat!

Terre Sabine’s orchards, embraced by the green and generous land of Sabina, are a unique reserve of tasty and genuine fruits.

Farming in Sabina.

Blessed by the goddess of fertility, Sabina is a really fecund area, ideal for those who dedicate their lives to farming. Orchards growing in Sabina are one of the main assets of this region and Terre Sabine has become the biggest centre for the collection of fresh fruit and organic food of other farms in the area.

Insieme ai frutteti, nel territorio sabino vi è una ricca presenza di uliveti. Dalle olive della Sabina viene ricavato il famoso olio extravergine di oliva Dop, una vera delizia.

Besides orchards, Sabina is also rich in olive trees: our farmers pick these olives to make the famous DOP certified (“Denominazione di Origine Protetta”, the Italian for “Protected Denomination of Origin) extra virgin olive oil, a real bliss for your palate.

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