Terre Sabine’s Apricot Jam: nice to eat you!

We are proud to introduce to our customers nature’s best friend: our extra apricot’s jam, of course, hand-made by our artisans using only fresh fruit and sugar. We’re sure it’ll be a pleasure for you to meet our apricot jam: open one of our yummy jam jars and double the pleasure bysharing it with your loved ones. If you want to get a good supply, please pay a visit to our online store and have your favourite jams delivered right to your door.

The apricots we use to make our jam slowly grow in our orchards, cuddled by the sun in the clean air of Sabina. When trees are filled with juicy fruits, a gentle breeze blows, bringing with it the smell of our genuine, ripe apricots. Open a jar of Terre Sabine’s apricot jam and diffuse the smell of nature in your house.

Choose Terre Sabine if you want your snacks to be healthy and delicious: it doesn’t take an experienced palate to tell the difference between industrial jam and natural jam, made using a short supply chain. Terre Sabine is a world of sweetness and wellness: go to our online store and enjoy fresh fruits whenever you want.

The apricots we use to make your jam

Come to Terre Sabine: as picking time approaches, you will see big smilescoming across our staff’s faces. Why do we smile? If you want to find out, taste our extra jam: just a tablespoon and you will see why we’re so proud of our apricots.You can see the quality of our apricots as soon as theypop up on their trees: when at last we can pick them off the boughs we touch their skin and feel a caress from nature.

To make this unique, 100% natural jam, we use avariant called Pelis: this is one of the juiciest kind of apricots, the ideal fruit to make yummy jams.

How we make our extra apricot jams

Prova la confettura Try Terre Sabine’s apricot jams and you will taste nothing but fresh fruit and sugar: behind every jar there’s a staff of artisans, hand-crafting our fresh fruit according to traditional recipes.

The best apricots, carefully selected by our farmers, are simply put in a jar with sugar and pasteurized. When you open our jam jar you will find a “natural cream”, nice to the eye and to the palate. Even the most absent-minded customers will realize our jams are not only tasty but healthy, because of their simple ingredients: we don’t add any pectine, anti-oxidants, organic acids or food colouring.

Terre Sabine is the company of good fruit: good for the palate, good for your health. Check our online store or contact us to find the nearest store.

Why choose Terre Sabine’s apricot jam

If you want to taste high-quality, natural jams choose Terre Sabine. And in case you want to impress your family, open our extra apricot jam and they’ll fall in love with healthy eating: don’t forget apricots are a rich mix of nutrients, a real boost for our health.

When Terre Sabine’s fresh apricots become jam everyone wants to eat fruit: give your kids a taste of Terre Sabine’s apricot jam and say goodbye to temper tantrums atthe breakfast table.

Choose Terre Sabine: healthy eating is a piece of cake.

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